Ramping up for 2016-2017.

We held our one-day immersion event Friday, August 12 at Wayne RESA. You can find handouts from the session on our 2016-2017 school year page.

If you were unable to attend the immersion, but still interested in our school year sessions, you are more than welcome! It's helpful to us if you fill out our online application. We can grant SCECHs to participants that attend at least six of eight school year sessions. If you cannot make six sessions, you are still more than welcome to attend those that you're able. Whether or not you need the SCECHs, signing up ensures that you will get important updates over our email list.


Monthly meetings take place the third Tuesday of each month, 4:30-7:30pm, and the following Saturday, 9am-12pm. See exact dates of the program here.See our full schedule here.

What is a Math Teachers’ Circle?

At its heart, a Math Teachers' Circle (MTC) is a community of like-minded mathematics teachers and mathematicians who meet regularly to exercise their mathematical problem solving skills. Teacher participants explore, question, conjecture, collaborate, and discover mathematical connections in small and large groups. Professional researchers in math and science together with experienced teacher educators will lead the sessions.

What is the Wayne County Math Teachers' Circle?

During the school year the Wayne County Math Teachers' Circle (WCMTC) meets in two groups: the Tuesday and the Saturday Circles. Both Circles regularly meet at Wayne RESA Education Center (33500 Van Born Rd, Wayne: map). Specific times and dates can be found here. At these fun, informal gatherings we will collaboratively solve math problems and discuss applications to classroom teaching.

Why Participate?

Meet engaged math teachers from other schools and districts!
Enjoy new and familiar mathematics!
Have fun!
Challenge yourself!

We promise an intellectually stimulating, friendly and engaging experience where challenging mathematical and pedagogical problems will be explored.