See our application page to register today! If you have any questions, please contact WayneCountyMTC@umich.edu

While the program is aimed at math specialists working in grades 5-9, teachers from other grades or roles are encouraged to participate if interested. Teachers from lower grades with a deep interest in mathematics may find a new mathematical community, build mathematical and social connections to teachers of higher grade levels, and immerse themselves in the joy of mathematical problem-solving. Teachers from higher grades will still find challenge in our activities, benefit from discussions of teaching practices, and build helpful connections across grade levels. If you are interested in participating, but have questions, don't hesitate to email us: WayneCountyMTC@umich.edu.

Benefits to Participants

  • Receive SCECHs for your participation in this program
  • Do math for FUN among motivated and engaged peers
  • Improve your mathematical problem-solving skills
  • Learn more about the CCSS SMPs
  • Meet teachers from other districts
  • Get support from each other and skilled facilitators in using problem-solving in your classroom.
  • Eat a delicious meals


There is no cost to participants or their districts.


We are actively looking for mathematician facilitators for monthly meetings in the 2016-17 school year. Starting September 2016 meetings will take place the 3rd Tuesday and following Saturday of each month. (See 2019-20 Program for exact dates.) Sessions are run as interactive problem-solving sessions, usually focussing on one or two open-ended problems. Typical sessions allow time for discussing connections to middle school topics and problem-solving in grades 5-9 classrooms.

The same material is used at both and you can facilitate one or both sessions.
Contact WayneCountyMTC@umich.edu if you are interested. Please include a little bit about yourself and any ideas you have for session content.