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The M.S. Degree in Applied & Interdisciplinary Mathematics

There are two programs leading to the M.S. Degree in Applied & Interdisciplinary Mathematics (AIM). The AIM M.S. Program offers the opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of mathematics while at the same time studying a second partner discipline to which the mathematical tools can be applied. It is a coursework-driven program that attracts experienced professionals from industry seeking higher education as well as students fresh from undergraduate degrees.

The Marjorie Lee Browne (MLB) Scholars Program works within the framework of the AIM M.S. program, and is available to interested and qualified students as an application option. The MLB Scholars Program is an enhanced version of the AIM M.S. Program, which focuses on preparing students to continue towards a Ph.D. The MLB program is available for United States citizens and permanent residents only.

Information about admission requirements and details about each of the programs can be found by using the links below.


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