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Admission to the AIM Ph.D. Program

Application Information

Two types of students are generally considered for admission to the AIM Ph.D. program:

  • Mathematics majors, with excellent grades in mathematics courses, outstanding GRE scores in the mathematics subject test, and excellent letters of recommendation. The admissions committee will also take into account other scholarly activities such as summer research experience, published papers, or courses in other fields.
  • Non-mathematics majors from the physical, life, or engineering sciences, or from other appropriate areas of study. Such students are expected to have completed at least two upper division mathematics courses, and/or have substantial exposure to mathematics in other courses, and are strongly advised to submit a GRE subject test score for an exam in the major field (in addition to the required GRE mathematics subject test). Other experience in working with mathematics (for instance, summer research positions) will also be taken into account, as well as grade point average and letters of recommendation.

The GRE Rescaled Mathematics Subject Test is required for admission to the AIM Ph.D. program. Applicants not majoring in mathematics should seriously consider submitting in addition scores from a GRE subject test in their major area.

Admission to the AIM Ph.D. program is determined by the AIM Graduate Committee and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Mathematics. Successful applicants will demonstrate an interest in an interdisciplinary area of applied mathematics in addition to substantial mathematical ability.

To apply, please visit the Admissions page in the Department of Mathematics. Note that the material on that page under the heading of GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION refers to the Mathematics M.S. and Ph.D. programs, not to the AIM degree programs.

Financial Support

Graduate students admitted to the AIM Ph.D. program are granted full financial support including an annual stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance extending also to dependents for a period of five years, subject to satisfactory progress. Most are supported as graduate student instructors, but research assistantships, traineeships, and some fellowships are also available.


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