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AIM Ph.D. Timeline

Shaded rows of the table refer to the candidacy stage of the Ph.D. degree, in which students are restricted to a single 3-credit lecture course per semester.

Year 1 Pass two AIM Preliminary Examinations
Enroll in Math 501 (AIM Student Seminar) for both semesters
Begin basic coursework, concentrating on the AIM Core Courses
Year 2

Continue mathematics coursework
Enroll in Math 501 (AIM Student Seminar) in the Fall semester
Begin selection of partner discipline and co-advisors
Begin taking courses in the partner discipline

Year 3 Complete most required coursework, focusing on advanced research-related courses
Prepare AIM Thesis Proposal
Pass oral examination
Advance to candidacy*
Year 4 Focus on original research
Year 5 Complete research project
Write and defend dissertation

* Candidacy must be achieved by the beginning of the fourth year of study.


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