May 21 - 25, 2011

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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May 21, Morning - May 25, Noon

B844 East Hall on Saturday and Monday,
4448 East Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday

Inquiry based learning (IBL) has been highly successful both in mathematics and mathematics education environments. Via IBL, students actively participate in their mathematical education. They become adept at understanding and explaining mathematics.

In this workshop we will discuss IBL methods in a variety of settings. In particular we will feature sessions on

  • The Freshman Experience
  • The Math Major Experience
  • Math Education
  • Assessment

Experienced instructors will present and discuss their experiences. Workshop participants will be prepared to present effective IBL style courses after the workshop. Participants will be connected to a mentoring support system to help them as they implement these ideas in their own institutions.

Presenters will come from a diverse set of institutions: California Polytechnic University, De Paul University, Kenyon College, Marshall University, University of Chicago, UCSB, University of Colorado, University of Michigan and University of Texas.


Hanna Bennett
John Boller
Khalid BouRabee
Bill Breslin
Mort Brown
Richard Canary
Francois Dorais
Moon Duchin
Bill Jacob
Marina Kogan
Sandra Laursen
Vilma Mesa
Carl Mummert
Kyle Petersen
Mark Radosevich
Karen Rhea

Paul Sally
Carol Schumacher
Ralf Spatzier
Michael Starbird
Matthew Stover
Alejandro Uribe
Stan Yoshinobu

Program/Schedule (pdf)

Bill Breslin, Richard Canary, Ralf Spatzier, and Alejandro Uribe
For more information, email spatzier@umich.edu

Limited funding is available to participants. Please note your request on the registration form.

National Science Foundation CCLI grant, Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan.

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