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Past Exams

It is not a good idea to rely exclusively on reading through old exam solutions as a way to prepare for the uniform exams. Instead, check out the advice on the Exam Review page. In particular, this semester's course director may not have written any of the exams available from this page, so the ones he/she gives will almost certainly have a somewhat different flavor to them.

Old exams are a useful guide to the format and style of future exams, but they should not be treated as review sheets. The sections tested on each exam vary slightly from semester to semester, and each exam tests a different subset of the curriculum. Even exam questions on the same material vary substantially from semester to semester. As a final caveat, note that the level of difficulty on different exams will vary some; while the general objective is for the exams in different semesters to require approximately the same effort, there are often significant differences between them.

Topic Warning: Because the topics taught in Math 115 differ slightly from semester to semester, it is not a good idea to use the old exams to gauge the content of the exams this semester.

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