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Exam Review

General Rules for the Uniform Exams and Final

  • Check with your instructor to see whether you are allowed a 3x5 card on exams.
  • No other notes or books are allowed at the exams. If you bring other materials for the purpose of last minute study, they must be placed out of view completely under your seat before the exam begins.
  • You should have your programmable graphing calculator with you. Remember to have the angular measure set to radian mode, and to check the battery level.

Suggested Exam Study Tactics

  • Look over your old homework assignments, including the individual and group homework, and see if you can write solutions to the exercises that caused you the most trouble without looking at your previous solutions. If there are certain types of exercises you never figured out or still cannot do, get help from your instructor, other students, or the Math Lab.
  • For each section of the text that will be covered on the exam, write a paragraph in your own words that describes the main ideas in the section, why these ideas are important, and how you can use the ideas to solve problems. (For the final exam, you may wish to do this only for the sections covered since the second midterm, and read the paragraphs you wrote when studying for the midterm exams.)
  • Read through the relevant review sheets listed below, and make sure you understand each of the topics and have each of the skills described on those sheets.
  • Think carefully about what you want to write on your note card (if allowed).
  • Try one or more of the past Math 116 exams that you can download from this site.

Review Sheets

The logistic equation, Section 10.7 PDF / PS
Techniques for systems of differential equations HTML

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