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Tutoring Facilities

Math Lab (936-0160) The Math Lab provides tutorial help for students in the introductory courses. It is staffed by instructors and advanced undergraduates. Any student in your class who needs extra help should be strongly encouraged to see you during your own office hours, but the Math Lab with its convenient hours is a good alternative. Announce this to your class.

    Math Lab B860 East Hall
    M-Th 11am-4pm and 7pm-10pm
    Friday 11am - 4pm
    Sunday 7pm - 10pm

Tau Beta Pi The Tau Beta Pi engineering honors association has regular tutoring hours conducted in various libraries and dormitories during the term. You will receive an exact listing early in the term so you can announce it to your class.

Comprehensive Studies Program (764-6410) The Comprehensive Studies Program is located in G155 Angell Hall (see "University Support Offices"). It provides free tutoring in scheduled individual and group sessions for students who have had limited access to high-quality academic resources prior to entering college. The tutors are graduate or upper-class undergraduate students with teaching experience. The services are open to all students.

Minority Engineering Program (764-6497) The Minority Engineering Program operates the Engineering Learning Resource Center on North Campus in 2327 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Graduates and senior undergraduates tutor in all areas of math and engineering.

Disabled Students Special assistance for students who are physically disabled or have learning disabilities is available through the Office of Disabled Student Services (see "Instructional Support Services").

Athletes The time commitment required by college athletics is substantial. Students participating in varsity athletics are eligible to receive academic support including tutoring, regularly scheduled study groups, skill development, academic advising and assistance with interpreting the regulations governing athletic participation.

Departmentally Designated Private Tutors Early in each term the Undergraduate Program office in 2084 EH compiles a list of volunteer math tutors. Tutors indicate which courses they are interested in teaching. The list is available to students who then make individual arrangements about time and place and hourly payment rate.

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