EMSW - Geometry, Topology and Dynamics - Research Training Grant (RTG)

RTG Postdoctoral Fellowships*

Patrick Boland (Lecturer Univ. Mich.)    
Khalid Bou-Rabee (Assist. Prof. The City College of New York)    
William Breslin (Assist. Prof. Pacific University)    
Jeffrey Brown (IBS- Center for Geometry and Physics (Postech Campus))    
Trevor Clark (Research Assoc. Imperial College London)    
Matthew Durham (current)    
Joel Fish (Postdoc. Standford)    
Dusty Grundmeier (Ball State University)    
Mark Hagen (Postdoc. Cambridge Univ.)    
Jonathan Handy (unavail.)    
Michael Kelly (CCR)    
Paul Kessenich (Lecturer Univ. Mich.)    
Yvonne Lai (Assist. Prof. Univ. Nebraska)    
Ben Linowitz (Assist. Prof. Oberlin College)    
Lars Louder (Lecturer University College London)    
Anton Lukyanenko (current)    
Christopher Mooney (Assist. Prof. Bradley Univ.)    
Alexandra Pettet (Assist. Prof. UBC, Assoc. Prof. UBC)    
Mark Radosevich (Lecturer Univ. Mich. Dearborn)    
Paul Reschke (current)    
Dustin Ross (current)    
Sonmez Sahutoglu (Assist. Prof. Univ. of Toledo)    
Kevin Schreve (current)    
Sohrab Shahshahani (Assist. Prof. Univ. Mass.)    
David Sher (Assist. Prof. DePaul Univ.)    
Matthew Stover (Assistant Prof. Temple Univ.)    
Daniel Visscher (Lecturer U Mich.)    
Nicholas Vlamis (current)    
*The field in parentheses indicates the fellow's appointment following their time at Univ. Michigan.