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Mathematics Department - University of Michigan

IBL Instruction

IBL Math course material resources are available for download on Google Drive.
Please contact Ralf Spatzier for permissions into the system and further instructions.


IBL Courses

Math 175 - Introduction to Cryptology
Math 176 - Explorations in Calculus
Math 217 - Linear Algebra & Introduction to Proofs
Math 285 - Honors Calculus III (IBL modules in some sections)
Math 310 - Choice and Chance
Math 351 - Principles of Analysis
Math 385 - Math for Elementary School Teachers
Math 389 - Explorations in Mathematics
Math 395 - Honors Analysis I (IBL modules)
Math 396 - Honors Analysis II (IBL modules)
Math 431 - Topics in Geometry for Teachers
Math 486 - Concepts Basic to Secondary School Mathematics
Math 487 - Number Theory and Algebra for Secondary Teachers
Math 489 - Math for Elementary & Middle School Teachers
Math 490 - Introduction to Topology

Math 497 - Topics in Elementary Mathematics

Related Courses

The Department offers other courses with significant use of IBL techniques. In particular, our Introductory Mathematics Program offers precalculus MATH 105, mainstream calculus MATH 115 and MATH 116 that use group work and presentations. For more detailed information on this, please consult the links.


Michigan Math Circle

We are running a Math Circle for middle school and high school students.


Wayne County Math Teachers Circle

We are also running, in conjunction with the Math and Science Center at Wayne RESA and Detroit Public Schools a Math Teachers Circle.



The University has a math and science summer program, MMSS. Much of the instruction in the math courses is inquiry based, and focuses on the students learning by doing and exposing themselves to mathematics directly.