Every session meets from 6:30PM to 8PM.
Date Middle School High School
September 22
Money matters: making change Stephen DeBacker
September 29 Picturing Squares, I Jesse Kass Generating Functions, I Stephen DeBacker
October 6 Picturing Squares, II Jesse Kass Generating Functions, II Stephen DeBacker
October 13 Graphs and Euler Characteristic, I Stephen DeBacker What is Infinity? I Mark Conger
October 20 Graphs and Euler Characteristic, II Stephen DeBacker Solving Equations, I Mike Zieve
October 27 Triangles, Rabbits, and Hockey Sticks, I Angela Kubena What is Infinity, II Mark Conger
November 3 Triangles, Rabbits, and Hockey Sticks, II Angela Kubena Solving Equations, II Mike Zieve
November 10 Simplicity to Chaos, I Lunmei Huang It's all about Modular Equivlanence (ME), I Karen Smith
November 17 Simplicity to Chaos, II Lunmei Huang It's all about ME, II Karen Smith
November 24
Thanksgiving Math Circle resumes in January Problems to keep you sharp

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