Every session meets from 6:30PM to 8PM.
Date Middle School High School
January 31
Mathematical Party Tricks Stephen DeBacker
February 7 Derangements Stephen DeBacker Analysis Situs Suchandan Pal
February 14 Derangements, II Stephen DeBacker Analysis Situs, II Suchandan Pal
February 21
Ann Arbor Public School Mid-Winter Break -- no meeting
February 28 Permutation Groups and Cayley's Theorem Rebecca Rebhuhn-Glanz Stupid Interpolation Tricks: Secret Sharing and Error-Correcting Codes Martin Strauss
March 7
University of Michigan Winter Break -- no meeting
March 14 Permutation Groups & Cayley's Theorem, II Rebecca Rebhuhn-Glanz Stupid Interpolation Tricks, II Martin Strauss
March 21 Graphing Stable Marriages Alex Leaf Permutations and Puzzles Michael Jones
March 28 Graphing Stable Marriages, II Alex Leaf Permutations and Puzzles, II Michael Jones
April 4
Ann Arbor Public School Spring vacation -- no meeting
April 11 Prime Number Patters Ben Linowitz Inversive Geometry Stephen DeBacker
April 18 Prime Number Patterns, II Ben Linowitz Inversive Geometry, II Stephen DeBacker

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