UM Undergraduate Math Club
Winter 2013

Unless otherwise indicated, the Math Club meets from 4:10 until 5 (pm) on Thursdays in the 2nd floor Nesbitt Common Room (East Hall 2851). As always, Pizza and Pop are free.

Schedule of Talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

January 17, 4:10-5 pm
Matthew Satriano
The Four Squares Theorem
January 24, 4:10-5 pm
Hester Graves
Drawing and the Projective Plane
January 31, 4:10-5 pm
David Speyer
Unsolvability of the Quintic Eequation
February 7, 4:10-5 pm
Jinho Baik
Longest Monotone Subsequences
February 14, 4:10-5 pm
Alexander Duncan
Undecidable Problems
February 21, 4:10-5 pm
Mark Conger
Mathematics of Card Shuffling
February 28, 4:10-5 pm
Igor Kriz
The Beauty of Statistical Tests
March 7, 4:10-5pm
[No Meeting]
Winter Break
March 14, 4:10-5 pm
Selim Esedoglu
Math in Computer Vision
March 21, 4:10-5 pm
Daniel Erman
Hilbert's Third Problem
March 28, 4:10-5 pm
Scott Schneider
The Banach-Tarski Paradox
April 4, 4:10-5 pm
Daniel Fiorilli
Prime Number Races
April 11, 4:10-5 pm
Hala Shehadeh
April 18, 4:10-5 pm
Charlie Doering
The Paradox of Enrichment

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