Guidelines for Applying

What are the age restrictions?

Applicant must be a rising sophomore, junior or senior in high school. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Are there pre-requisites for the courses?

Although extensive knowledge in the chosen subject is not required for selection of courses, students should select the courses that are most suited to interest to get the best experience.

Do I have to be a United States Citizen?

No, we encourage applicants from all over the world to apply for MMSS! As one of the goals of the program, we are excited
to bring the MMSS experience to students of all backgrounds.

What items will I need to submit in my application?

Students will need to create a "Friend Account" through the application found here. For an application to be considered (APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED UNTIL ALL INFORMATION IS SUBMITTED), students will need to submit the following:

  • Copy of current transcript (report card is accepted; unofficial is OK)
  • Letter of recommendation (please acquire email address of recommender, MMSS will administer)
  • A personal statement (to be submitted as part of application). You should include courses you have taken, external influences, computer experience, and research interests that draw you to this program, or other relevant information to help us evaluate your application material.
  • $100 Application Fee

Do you need to know my GPA? How about my SAT/ACT score?

Students will need to submit a current high school transcript. Neither GPA nor ACT/SAT scores are required to apply to MMSS.

If I apply earlier, will I have a better chance of getting in?

Because admission to MMSS is on a rolling basis we will continue to accept suitable candidates to the program until courses
are filled. Although submitting your application early will have an impact on the course selection of students, it does not necessarily guarantee an absolute entrance to the program.

How much will it cost? Is there financial aid available?

The cost of the MMSS camp is dependent on the preference of becoming a Commuter Student or Residential Student. For more information regarding cost, click here to see the breakdown including the option to apply for financial aid.