U-M Math Colloquium Hosting Guidelines

Choosing speakers

The colloquium is the main seminar venue of the department. Please apply the highest standards while selecting a speaker.

The prospective speaker should be reminded that the colloquium is meant to be directed at the general mathematical audience. Specialized talks, or those heavy on technicalities, belong in regular seminars. On the other hand, a colloquium talk should not be dumbed down for the sake of accessibility.


If you would like to invite somebody for a colloquium, please contact the colloquium chair first. After arranging things with the colloquium chair, the host (i.e., you) issues the invitation, communicates with the invitee, oversees hotel reservations, and makes sure the title and abstract are delivered on time to the colloquium chair. (The title and abstract must be in nonTEX form.) The colloquium chair coordinates the schedule for the term and provides general administrative assistance.


The honorarium of $150 and the speaker's aftertalk dinner (except alcoholic drinks) are paid for by the colloquium fund. The remaining expenses are normally carried by the host, or whoever initiated the invitation.

For official job interviews, there is no honorarium, and all expenses are covered by the college.


Remember, the colloquium fund will not support anything beyond the honorarium and the speaker's dinner. This section is here to remind you of the reimbursement procedure.

Barbara Hardaway (barbarah@umich.edu) handles colloquium honoraria. Please do not forget to discuss the matter with her; otherwise, the speaker may not get paid.

To be reimbursed for travel, the speaker is ordinarily required to fill out a travel form. See De'Netra Chapman (denetra@umich.edu).

To be reimbursed for the dinner, the host submits the receipts to De'Netra, along with the list of attendees. Both the itemized receipt (identifying expenses for meals and non-alcoholic drinks) and the credit card slip (identifying the payor) are required.


U-M hotel rates can be found here. De'Netra (denetra@umich.edu) also maintains a list of hotel rates, and she handles hotel reservations.

John Lott , September 2001; updated by Stephen DeBacker, August 2003