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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Title:  Quasiconformal Geometry of Fractals

Abstract:  Many questions in analysis and geometry lead to problems of quasiconformal geometry on non-smooth or fractal spaces. There is a close relation of this subject to the problem of characterizing fundamental groups of hyperbolic 3-orbifolds and to Thurston's characterization of rational functions with finite post-critical set. In recent years, the classical theory of quasiconformal maps between Euclidean spaces has been successfully extended to more general settings. Powerful tools have become available. Fractal 2-spheres and Sierpinski carpets are typical spaces for which deeper understanding of their quasiconformal geometry is particularly relevant and interesting. This talk surveys recent developments in this area.

Speaker:  Mario Bonk
Institution:  UM


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