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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Title:  Dynamics of the 3D Genome

Abstract:  Roughly 3 meters of DNA is tightly packed into the nucleus of all cells in our body. This folding allows some genes to be activated, while others are not. The geometry of folding--the 3D genome -- is unique for each cell type, i.e. skin cells have one 3D genome configuration and neurons another. Under certain conditions, we can reprogram one cell type into another (skin cells transform into functional neurons). Reprogramming parallels the natural process of cellular differentiation, where stem cells acquire specialized function through a series of changes in 3D geometry and gene activation/silencing. Both processes are excellent systems in which to study the dynamics of the 3D genome and how it provides a foundation for cell function. I will talk about how mathematics guides our work on the dynamics of the 3D genome and our work to explore the genetic basis of biological time under the DARPA initiative"Biochronicity."

Speaker:  Indika Rajapakse
Institution:  UM


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