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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Title:  Scalable algorithms for the evaluation of volume potentials

Abstract:  I will consider the problem of evaluating volume potentials in three dimensions. The evaluation of volume potentials is a well understood problem. Such potentials can be used for solving boundary value problems, for example the Laplace, Stokes and Helmholtz problems. Despite the significance of such methods, there exist no scalable efficient implementations and as a result their use from non-experts is somewhat limited. I will discuss the formulation, numerical challenges and scalability of algorithms for volume potentials and present a new open-source library for such problems. I will compare their performance to other state-of-the art codes and conclude with an example from computational fluid mechanics. This is joint work with Dhairya Malhotra and Bryan Quaife

Speaker:  George Biros
Institution:  University of Texas, Austin.


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