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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Title:  Codes, Curves, Qubits and Cats

Abstract:  Whenever information is transmitted or stored, errors are bound to occur. The goal of coding theory is to find efficient ways of adding redundancy to the information so that these errors can be corrected. The mathematical study of error-correcting codes began with Claude Shannon's groundbreaking 1948 paper, which proved probabilistically that good codes exist. The subsequent challenge has been to actually find or design these good codes; this problem has occupied the minds of many mathematicians, computer scientists and electrical engineers ever since. In addressing Shannon's challenge, many areas of mathematics have been drawn upon, including some in rather surprising ways. Moreover, the results of coding theory are finding applications in other fields, such as quantum computing and neuroscience. This talk will give an overview of coding theory, with an emphasis on the interaction between coding theory and other fields.

Speaker:  Judy Walker
Institution:  University of Nebraska


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