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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Title:  Analytic cohomology in infinite dimensional spaces

Abstract:  One of the great realizations of twentieth century mathematics was that there is a huge variety of problems out there whose solvability can, and should, be packaged in terms of cohomology groups. The talk will be about cohomology groups that arise when trying to solve certain fundamental analytical problems of complex analysis and geometry. After introducing the central notion of the subject: holomorphic functions, I will pass to the so called Cousin problem, and its significance. I will summarize the works of H. Cartan, Oka, and Serre on the solution of the Cousin problem in finite dimensional spaces. The solution is expressed in terms of cohomology groups. Finally, I will discuss recent developments in infinite dimensions.

Speaker:  Laszlo Lempert
Institution:  Puedue Univ


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