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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Title:  Frames and locales: topology without points

Abstract:  Motivation: geometric and other. What we perceive as points; can we do = without them? A short outline of history.=20 Apologia for (further) generalizing the concept of space. What can be = lost and what can be gained. Classical concepts in new attire. Where the theory stays almost the same = (Hofmann-Lawson duality, more about spatiality) and where it is better = (examples: paracompactness, closed subgoup theorem). Enriched pointfree structures (uniformity, nearness, etc.); modelling = approximation. Surprise: constructivity of clasically non-constructive facts. = Constructive Tychonoff theorem, compactification and completion.

Speaker:  Ales Pultr
Institution:  Prague


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