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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Title:  Training on Harassment and Discrimination

Abstract:  The training will open with a description of what constitutes discrimination and then a rundown of which UM offices are the right ones to approach to discuss which types of discrimination. There will be a substantial component of the talk devoted to discussing who in the department is allowed to observe how much confidentiality in which types of cases of harassment and who is a mandatory reporter on which types of situations. The presentation will end with a very brief discussion of what bystander intervention is and what there is to learn on that topic. (Other campus offices do multi-hour trainings on bystander intervention. This presentation will not be addressing it in detail, just giving an idea of what next steps would look like as we strive to improve departmental climate.)

Speaker:  Elizabeth Seney
Institution:  University of Michigan, Office of Institutional Equity


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