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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Title:  Algorithms for Multiphase Motion with Applications to Materials Science (Sumner Myers Award)

Abstract:  Many materials, including most metals and ceramics, are composed of crystallites (often called grains), which are differentiated by their crystallographic orientation. Classical models describing annealing-related phenomena for these materials involve multiphase curvature-driven motion. The distance function-based diffusion-generated motion (DFDGM) algorithm is introduced and demonstrated to be an accurate and efficient means for simulating the evolutions described by such models. The DFDGM algorithm makes use of implicit representations of the phases, allowing topological changes to occur naturally, and is closely related to the level set method and the threshold dynamics scheme. Large-scale simulations of grain growth and recrystallization are presented and are shown to agree well with available theoretical predictions and empirical observations. Joint work with Selim Esedoglu and Peter Smereka.

Speaker:  Matt Elsey
Institution:  Courant Institute, NYU


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