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Mathematics Colloquium


Date:  Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Title:  Sumner B. Myers Prize Colloquium- The coupling of gravity to Yang-Mills fields and fermions in static spherically symmetric spacetimes

Abstract:  The coupling of gravity to other classical force fields has given rise to many unexpected phenomena. The resulting solutions of Einstein field equations have in turn provided interesting insights into the intricate nature of the nonlinear interactions. I will be concerned with coupling SU(n) and U(1)xSU (n) Yang-Mills fields to Dirac fermions over static spherically symmetric Lorentzian spacetimes. I will first review the various ingredients which will be used throughout the talk. Based on plausible first principles, I will then explain how to couple altogether gravity to fermions and SU(n) Yang-Mills fields. Finally, I will study the special class of "black-hole solutions" for the equations resulting from the coupling. It is my hope this talk will be at least comprehensible to most.

Speaker:  Yann Bernard


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