U-M Math Colloquium

Dear Colloquium Speaker,

Thank you for accepting our invitation to speak at the Michigan Math Department Colloquium. Below is some information that may be of use to you.

Time and place

The colloquium time is 4:10-5:00PM on Tuesday. The colloquium room is 1360 East Hall. It has three double blackboards, an overhead projector, and a screen. If you need some specialized equipment, please contact your host.

The talk

Please provide a title and abstract (nonTEX) at least two weeks before the talk. We will be happy to offer you an honorarium of $150 (unless you are coming for an official job interview) and take you to an aftertalk dinner.

Our colloquium talks are meant to be understandable to the general department. Because of this, if you wish to give a technical talk then we ask that you give it in one of our many specialized seminars. On the other hand, we would not want you to dumb down a talk just to make it more accessible. We like the following time-tested algorithm for a colloquium talk :

First ten minutes : understandable to the average math major.

Second ten minutes : understandable to the average grad student.

Third ten minutes : understandable to the average instructor.

Fourth ten minutes : understandable to the average faculty member.

Last ten minutes : understandable to a faculty member in your field.


Your host will help you with travel arrangements, but here is some information. East Hall, the home of the Department of Mathematics, stands at the corner of Church St. and South University Ave. in Ann Arbor. You can check maps and directions, dining advice, the calendar of local events, the weather forecast, and the lowest fares to/from Detroit (DTW). Lodging options include the university-operated Michigan League and Oxford Conference Center (both within walking distance of East Hall), as well as a number of hotels.

John Lott , September 2001; updated by Stephen DeBacker , September 2003