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Date:  Sunday, May 06, 2012
Location:  B 844 East Hall (10:10 AM to 10:40 AM)

Title:  Some Schottky subgroups of mapping class groups

Abstract:   Farb and Mosher defined a notion of "convex cocompact" for subgroups of mapping class groups that models the original definition of convex cocompact for Kleinian groups; free groups of either kind are called Schottky.  I'll describe a way to construct examples of Schottky mapping class subgroups that is (at least, a priori), different from the original "abundant" examples Farb and Mosher described.  These examples grow out of one way, described by Clay, Leininger, and myself, to quasi-isometrically embed free groups (and more generally, right-angled Artin groups) into mapping class groups.


Speaker:  Johanna  Mangahas Kutluhan 
Institution:  Brown

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