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Teaching Mathematics

Date:  Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Location:  3096 East Hall (5:15 PM to 6:30 PM)

Title:  The math content sequence for pre-service elementary teachers: students, goals, and methods

Abstract:   This is an overview of the math content sequence at UM for pre-service elementary teachers. I will talk about the students in the course, the goals for the course (both in content and practices), why those are the goals of the course, and how using inquiry-based learning (IBL) teaching methods supports achievement of those goals. There will be three parts: (I) a general introduction to some of the issues and topics when educating future teachers, (II) a description of the course over the last three years and, in particular, some aspects of the course as I've taught it, and (III) a short description of some research I conducted on the Fall 2012 semester of this course, including some encouraging results.


Speaker:  Nina White
Institution:  Univ Michigan, Math Dept and School of Education

Event Organizer:   Gavin LaRose


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