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Teaching Mathematics

Date:  Monday, February 25, 2013
Location:  3096 East Hall (5:15 PM to 6:30 PM)

Title:  Mathematical Knowledge for Online Instruction

Abstract:   Reasoning Mind is a Houston-based nonprofit that develops K-12 math learning software. In this talk, I will discuss the means by which we simulate expert teaching in a virtual classroom. To develop our online curriculum, we work with a team of expert math teachers who have offered us access to their knowledge of curriculum and mathematical pedagogy. I will outline our methods for modeling these teachers and discuss what we've learned about their knowledge and practices. Finally, I will describe some of the expertise we have gained that we could not have learned from classroom teachers--pedagogical knowledge that is unique to e-learning.


Speaker:  Michael Von Korff
Institution:  Reasoning Mind

Event Organizer:   Gavin LaRose


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