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Teaching Mathematics

Date:  Monday, January 26, 2015
Location:  3096 East Hall (5:15 PM to 6:30 PM)

Title:  Comparing oral and traditional assessment in a content course for pre-service elementary school teachers

Abstract:   A recent study on oral assessments summarizes several advantages to giving oral assessments, including that they: (1) develop communication skills, (2) are a more authentic assessment, (3) are more inclusive of different learning style and needs, and (4) are better at gauging understanding (Huxham, Campbell, Westwood, 2012). We anticipate an additional potential advantage: (5) they provide instant and interactive feedback, thereby providing opportunities to learn.

During the fall semester of 2014, Daniel used oral assessments in conjunction with traditional written assessments across both sections (N=42) of a "Number and Operations" course (Math 385) for future elementary teachers. In this seminar, we will describe how the oral assessments were used, our research questions, research design, and preliminary results. Then we will turn our focus to one of our research questions in particular (related to point (5) above):

To what extent do students learn during the process of taking an oral exam and how does that compare to traditional written assessments?

We hope to discuss, with the help of the audience, how powerful our video data is (or is not) in beginning to answer this question. This is relevant to this year's seminar goal of understanding what we mean by "evidence" in math education research.


Speaker:  Daniel Visscher
Institution:  Univ Michigan Mathematics

Event Organizer:   Gavin LaRose


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