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Date:  Friday, January 22, 2016
Location:  4088 East Hall (3:10 PM to 4:00 PM)

Title:  Three combinatorial formulas for type A quiver polynomials and K-polynomials

Abstract:   I'll describe a closed immersion from each representation space of a type A quiver with bipartite (i.e., alternating) orientation to a certain opposite Schubert cell of a partial flag variety. This "bipartite Zelevinsky map" restricts to an isomorphism from each orbit closure to a Schubert variety intersected with the above-mentioned opposite Schubert cell. For type A quivers of arbitrary orientation, I'll discuss a similar result up to some factors of general linear groups.

Using these identifications, I'll explain how one can obtain various combinatorial formulas for the quiver polynomial and K-polynomial of an arbitrarily oriented type A quiver locus embedded inside of its representation space. These formulas are generalizations of three of Knutson-Miller-Shimozono's formulas from the equioriented type A setting.

This is joint work with Ryan Kinser and Allen Knutson.


Speaker:  Jenna Rajchgot
Institution:  U Michigan

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