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Group, Lie and Number Theory

Date:  Monday, April 09, 2018
Location:  4088 East Hall (4:10 PM to 5:30 PM)

Title:  Unipotent Representations of Real Groups

Abstract:   In 1980 Jim Arthur conjectured the existence of certain unipotent representations of reductive groups over local fields, which should play a fundamental role in the study of automorphic forms. Arthur did not give a definition of these representations (only some properties), and they are still not well understood, even in the case of Archimedean fields. I will discuss progress on the case of the real field. An aspect of this is the Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations, which is a software project to, among other things, understand unipotent representations and the unitary dual of real reductive groups.


Speaker:  Jeffrey Adams
Institution:  Univ of Maryland

Event Organizer:   Tasho Kaletha   


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