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Geometry & Physics

Date:  Monday, April 22, 2019
Location:  4096 East Hall (4:00 PM to 6:00 PM)

Title:  Seiberg-Witten Theory, AGT Relation and 4D N=1 Supersymmetry

Abstract:   4-dimensional N=2 supersymmetric quantum field theories provide many interesting results in mathematical physics. Among them, the Seiberg-Witten theory can be used to compute some topological invariants, and the AGT relation sets up a connection between 4d quantum field theories and 2d conformal field theories. It was found by Nekrasov that the Seiberg-Witten theory can be solved using localization in the so-called Omega background. Using some recently developed techniques, we can generalize the previous works to 4d N=1 supersymmetric theories by localizing them on some backgrounds equivalent to the Omega background. This new result can be used to establish the AGT relation in some previously unknown cases (N=2 non-Lagrangian theories, N=1 theories, etc.), and may lead to some novel topological invariants in lower dimensions. In this talk, we will discuss these aspects of 4d N=2 and N=1 quantum field theories.


Speaker:  Jun Nian
Institution:  UM

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