Anthony Bloch. Mathematics 658, Fall 2016.

Course Description

This is course on ordinary differential equations with an emphasis on dynamics, mechanics and control. The general descrition is in the above link. Links to homework exercises and selected recommended readings and papers will appear here as the course progresses.

Main text: "Nonholonomic Mechanics and Control", by Bloch et. al. Other texts to be recommended.


Least Action Excerpts. Not for distribution.


Least Action and Optical Mechanical Analogy.

Lagrange D'Alembert.

Problem Sets
Problem Set 1. Due in class Thurs Sept. 22.

Problem Set 2. Now complete. Due in class now Thurs 20th October.

Problem Set 3. Complete. Due date Nov 22

Problem Set 4. Due date 5pm Monday Dec 19 as discussed in class.

Paper on Variational versus Nonholonomic Systems..