Math/Stats 425, Section 1, Fall 2004. Writing Supplement.

This will be the temporary home page for the Writing Supplement; hopefully I will have time to get something more interesting together in a little while. For now, this page will be a source for the various (virtual) handouts for those taking or interested in the Writing Supplement.

All Writing Supplement students should keep a file of all writing assignments, and even your scrap paper from your writing efforts!

Due dates for writing assignments are given in the description of the assignments.

Descriptions and Backgrounds of Writing Assignments and Related Documents:

Click on a handout link for a given document, if currently available. (Documents appear as .pdf's.)

Intro Handout ``The Writing Supplement" Why a Writing Supplement in Probability?
Writing Assignment #1 ``Math and Science Communication,
at Home and in the Media"
(a) Where do you see important science writing around you?
(b) Critique a real example of science writing.
Writing Assignment #2 ``Writing to Parade Magazine" Why do people get so angry about probability questions??
Writing Assignment #3 ``Going Public in
a More Scientific Forum"
Same task as with MVS, but with
a more knowledgeable audience.
Writing Assignment #4 Writing to People You Know Explaining probability to family or friends,
or asking a specialist advice about it.
Writing Assignment #5 Writing as Discipline This is about lab notebooks, and forcing yourself to record your thinking process, hopefully in order to understand that process better.
Writing Assignment #6 The Term Project Paper This is the main assignment for the term; be sure to show me a draft we can discuss beforehand.
Due December 13, 2004 (last day of class).

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