Help with Programming, MatLab, LaTeX, Graphics, Etc.


How to embed 3D models (surfaces) into PDF files.
Compressing PDF files and resizing images using ImageMagick.
How to convert between video formats using ffmpeg.

Matlab tips and tricks:

A Matlab Intro.
Writing fast Matlab code.
How to run Matlab jobs in the background.
Miscellaneous tips and tricks.
A guide to MEX files.
Array manipulation tips and tricks.
Techniques for debugging m-files.
Matrix indexing.
Fast manupulation of multidimensional arrays.
How to vectorize code.
Vectorization tricks.
Further vectorization tricks.
Printing and exporting graphics.
Exporting graphics for publication.
Tips on outputting movies and triangulated surfaces from Matlab.
Graphical User Interfaces with Matlab.