Video recordings of Sergey Fomin's talks

Loop-erased walks and total positivity (MSRI, May 2001)

Enumeration of plane curves and labeled floor diagrams (MSRI, October 2009)

Cluster algebras (master class, 15 lectures, Århus, June 2010)

Total positivity and cluster algebras (ICM, Hyderabad, August 2010)

Total positivity and cluster algebras (Microsoft Research, October 2010)

Introduction to cluster algebras (3 lectures, MSRI, August 2012)

Quivers, mutations, and invariants (Moscow, February 2013; in Russian)

Andrei's theorems (conference in memory of Andrei Zelevinsky, April 2013)

Cluster algebras and invariant theory (Euler Institute, October 2013)

Subtraction-free complexity (Steklov Institute, May 2014)

Unimodality and partially ordered sets (Moscow, June 2016; in Russian)

Morsifications and mutations (Luminy, March 2018)