John Erik Fornæss

Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
The University of Michigan
East Hall, 530 Church St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(office) 734-936-1770
fornaess at

Update: Travel to Australia (Feb. 12. 09 ~Feb. 22. 09)  
Papers in Several Complex Variables
Papers in Complex Dynamics
Publication List
Problem Lists
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Lecture Notes
Nessims Montreal Lecture Notes
Fornaess' CBMS Lecture Notes on Complex Dynamics in Higher Dimensions
Real Methods in Complex Dynamics
Curriculum Vitae
Winter 2009: Math 452
Office Hours
Mon. 10-11
Wed. 10-11
(One hour by appointment)
Newton and Divine Intervention
The Great Attractor (My contribution to Astrology)
Math Genealogy
SCV seminar at U of M

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