Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 2.1

  1. Measuring Speed : why is there a paradox when considering the speed of something? what is the modern approach that sidesteps this?
    1. Average Velocity : what is average velocity? how is a time interval related to this?
      1. Instantaneous Velocity : why does the average velocity in example~2 not give the velocity at t=1? how do we get around this?
    2. Instantaneous Velocity, II : what are we doing mathematically to find an instantaneous velocity? what is the definition?
      1. Visualization : how is average velocity visualized on a graph? instantaneous velocity?
    3. Limits : what do we mean by the limit of a function as x approaches some value?

Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 2.1
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