Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 3.1

  1. The Definite Integral : what problems do we consider in chapter 3? what does the definite integral calculate? what does the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus tell us?
    1. Distance Travelled : what do we know about distance and velocity? can we use this when velocity is not a constant?
      1. distance from velocity data : how does the book measure the distance a car goes given its velocity? does it obtain an over or under estimate?
      2. visualizing distance : how is the estimate obtained for the distance travelled visualized? what does the difference between the two estimates represent?
    2. Error and Precision : what expression does the book obtain for the difference between the upper and lower estimates for a sum? what is important about this (by making the time interval small enough\dots)?

Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 3.1
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