Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 3.4

  1. Theorems about Definite Integrals : what observation about velocity and position does the section open with?
    1. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus : what is the fundamental theorem of calculus? what does it mean in words?
      1. uses of the FTC : what two uses does the FTC have?
    2. Properties of the Definite Integral :
      1. limits of integration : what two limits of integration properties do definite integrals have? what do they mean in words?
      2. sums and multiples : what two properties do integrals have with regards to sums and products of their integrands?
      3. comparison : what two comparison results do we have for definite integrals?

Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 3.4
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