Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 4.8

  1. Linear Approximations and Limits : why and where is a tangent line a good approximation for a function?
    1. The Tangent Line Approximation : what is the equation of the tangent line? what is a local linearization of a function?
      1. local linearization and limits : how is local linearization used to calculate limits?
    2. L'Hopital's Rule : what is L'Hopital's rule? how does the book justify the result?
      1. L'Hopital's rule : what is the more general form of the rule? how is it different than the first form?
      2. more L'Hopital : in what other cases may the rule be used?
    3. Dominance : what do we mean if we say that one function dominates another? how can L'Hopital's rule be used to determine this?

Math 105-02: Calculus I: Reading Homework 4.8
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