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Random useful info
My e-mail: glarose(at)umich(dot)edu
My office hours: W 2:30--4pm (in the Math Lab), Th 1:00--2:30pm (EH 3831), or by appointment.
Class meetings: TF 11:30am--1pm in Denn 610, Th 11:30am--1pm in Denn 626

Important Dates
Exam 1: 10/11, 6--7:30pm
Gateway Deadline: 11/16
Exam 2: 11/22, 6--7:30pm
Final: 12/15, 10:30am--12.30pm
Final Room: Chem 1800

This page has (some very small amount of) information relevant to Math 115-027 taught at the University of Michigan in Fall 2005. Other vaguely related material is noted below.

On-line student data form: go here
Course information sheet: courseinfo.pdf (PDF: 76K)
Survey: reading assignment and course structure survey
Lecture explanations:
horizontal stretching and trig functions
scaling, power and exponential functions
derivatives of inverse functions
Web Homework:
login page
"Old" Midterm exams, et al.:
See the course home page
Extra review problems for exam 1: review sheet (46K)
Reading and Quizzes:
Reading Assignments:
sec1.1-1.2 PDF (35K); text
sec1.3 PDF (40K); text
sec1.4 PDF (42K); text
sec1.5 PDF (30K); text
sec1.6 PDF (48K); text
sec1.7-1.8 PDF (50K); text
sec2.1 PDF (31K); text
sec2.2 PDF (46K); text
sec2.3 PDF (43K); text
sec2.4 PDF (40K); text
sec2.5 PDF (36K); text
sec2.6 PDF (33K); text
sec3.1-3.2 PDF (47K); text
sec3.3 PDF (43K); text
sec3.4 PDF (42K); text
sec3.5 PDF (34K); text
sec3.6 PDF (41K); text
sec3.7 PDF (37K); text
sec3.9 PDF (48K); text
sec4.1 PDF (39K); text
sec4.2 PDF (35K); text
sec4.3 PDF (41K); text
sec4.4 PDF (32K); text
sec4.5 PDF (25K); text
sec4.6 PDF (35K); text
sec5.1 PDF (32K); text
sec5.2 PDF (36K); text
sec5.3 PDF (32K); text
sec5.4 PDF (38K); text
sec6.1 PDF (37K); text
sec6.2 PDF (42K); text
  Quizzes (all are PDFs)
Quiz 1 (40K); Soln (52K)
Quiz 2 (40K); Soln (56K)
Quiz 3 (23K); Soln (32K)
Quiz 4 (43K); Soln (54K)
Quiz 5 (26K); Soln (33K)
Quiz 6 (17K); Soln (28K)
Quiz 7 (20K); Soln (29K)
Quiz 8 (22K); Soln (37K)
Quiz 9 (22K); Soln (36K)
Older Material
Quizzes from W05 (all are PDFs)
Quiz 1 (35K); Soln (50K)
Quiz 2 (20K); Soln (30K)
Quiz 3 (45K); Soln (40K)
Quiz 4 (20K); Soln (32K)
Quiz 5 (20K); Soln (35K)
Quiz 6 (30K); Soln (35K)
(quiz 7 was the practice gateway)
Quiz 8 (42K); Soln (55K)
Quiz 9 (31K); Soln (56K)
Quiz 10 (43K); Soln (62K)
Quiz 11 (20K); Soln (40K)
Quiz 12 (25K); Soln (32K)

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