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Random useful info
My e-mail:
My office hours: W noon-1pm, Th noon-2pm + by appointment (in B736)
GSI: Kamran Kashef (
GSI's office hours: M 9-10a, noon-1pm, and 2-3pm + by appointment (in 1836 EH)
Lecture room: Dennison 296
Lecture time: MWF 11AM-noon
Lab room: B743
Recitation rooms: see the course home page

Important Dates
Midterm 1: 2/11, 6-8pm
Midterm 2: 3/20, 6-8pm
Final: 4/21, 8-10am
This page has (some very small amount of) information relevant to Math 216-040 taught at the University of Michigan in Winter 2003. Other vaguely related material is noted below.

Gavin's DiffEq Home Page
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