Math 210-01: Linear Algebra: Reading Homework 4.7

  1. Coordinates and Change of Basis : what do we mean by the ``coordinates of x relative to B''? what does order have to do with this? why does this make sense?
    1. Coordinate representation : explain what [x]B means; how is this related to writing vectors in Rn?
      1. finding coordinates relative to a standard basis : given the coordinate matrix for a vector x relative to a non-standard basis in Rn, how can we convert to the coordinate matrix relative to the standard basis?
    2. Change of basis : how are the columns of a transition matrix from one basis to another related to the bases? how is it used to convert between bases?
      1. finding the transition matrix : how can a transition matrix between bases be found?

Math 210-01: Linear Algebra: Reading Homework 4.7
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