Math 210-01: Linear Algebra: Reading Homework 5.5

  1. Applications of Inner-Product Spaces :
    1. Cross-Products : what is the cross-product of two vectors in R3?
      1. properties of cross-products : what are the geometric characteristics of cross-products?
    2. Least Squares in Calculus : what is the least squares approximation to a function with respect to a subspace of continuous functions? how does this depend on an interval?
      1. finding least-squares approximations : how can we find the linear least-squares approximation to a function on a given interval?
      2. finding least squares approximations : how can we use inner-products to find least-squares approximations to a function?
      3. Fourier approximations : how is a Fourier approximation related to the least-squares problem?

Math 210-01: Linear Algebra: Reading Homework 5.5
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