TAFKAT 2 Rework Instructions

  1. For each problem on the TAFKAT on which you missed any points:
    1. Clearly explain what information you are given.
    2. Clearly explain what you are to show/find/prove, and what this requires.
    3. Then solve the problem, writing out your solution in good mathematical prose. If you are unclear as to how to do this, check with me.
    This part of the rework must be completed without reference to your book and notes. You are permitted to work on the second part of the rework first.
  2. In addition: for each problem you are reworking, find a similar but not identical problem from the text which you find challenging. Solve it, writing your solution out in good mathematical prose. You need not exactly follow the steps given above for this problem.
Due In my office by 5PM Monday 5 April. Submit your rework with your original TAFKAT. Completion of the rework may (1) obtain up to 1/3 of the credit you missed on the TAFKAT, and (2) obtain up to 16 bonus homework points.
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