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Course Portfolio Contents: Methods, part 2

Another example from Calculus I:
Methods 1: "We will be doing group work in class..."
Again, this is from my calculus I syllabus the first semester I taught the course: it's nicely ambiguous, and really says "we'll be doing group work, if it works and I have time."

Methods 2: "In each lecture hour there will be a short lecture (about 20 min) and group work (about 30 min) on worksheets that are handed out. Work will be done in groups of two to four.." and, Why!
and the Why should answer: why a short lecture? why group work? why use worksheets? why have groups of two to four?

Plus! -- Similar detail for the other aspects of the course: What, and Why did you do (for) each of: Labs, Portfolios, Projects, Exams, etc...

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