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Writing Your Own

A step-by-step recipe:
  1. Pick a course
    [ one you're familiar with ]
  2. Decide whom you're writing it for.
    [ yourself ]
    But! with the understanding that
    you will show it to someone else

    Other possible candidates for targets include your chair, your evaluation committee, or your colleagues. In any case, be sure that you include enough detail!
  3. Start with the Syllabus: Looking at the subjects and thinking about the course, formulate goals for the course.
    [ no default ]
  4. Think about how to accomplish those goals:
    What teaching style
    What assignments, type of assignments
    [ no default ]
  5. Think about how to assess a few (only one or two) of the goals, and how the assessment would fit in with the class.
    [ no default ]
These steps get you through most of the 'before the semester' steps of writing a course portfolio. Then it's just a matter of finishing things up as you go along!

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