U(M) Math Learning Community on Inclusive Teaching

Materials and information about the University of Michigan Mathematics Department's Learning Community on Inclusive Teaching are posted here.

Sessions meet in the Math Department and School of Education's Seminar on Teaching Mathematics, which meets occasional Mondays, 5-6:30pm, in East Hall 3866; or during lunch, as indicated, in East Hall 4866.

Summer reading group: We will be meeting this summer to discuss Mathematical Mindsets, by Jo Boaler, and Inventing the Mathematician, by Sara Hottinger. Meetings to discuss the first will be May 20, 10–11:30am (Chapters 1–4), June 3, 10–11:30am (Chapters 5–6), June 26, 10–11:30am (Chapters 7–9),

LCIT meetings for this semester are tentatively scheduled for February 5, noon–1:30pm; February 26, noon–1:30pm; March 12 14, 2:30–4pm; April 2, noon–1:30pm; and April 16 23 30, noon–1:30pm.

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